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Into the cellar.

Vineyard has entered the state of sleep, every inch of land are recuperating, for the next year recharge your batteries.

Today, we walked into the cellar. Dark wine cellar, just into the oak barrels of wine in the low to light snoring, and sometimes naughty in a dream, said the words of a dream, or in the barrel turned over, covered in the barrel of rubber The plug will come out and fall on the ground. The manager or the winemaker in the cellar, to check the wine cellar regularly to see which barrel of oak to fly out (in fact, the barrel is fermented wine generated by the carbon dioxide to the wine stuffed out), if the barrel Where the wine is not enough, you will fill it, and then plug into the barrel.

During the cold period, the weather is cold, cold and other infectious diseases such as high incidence of infectious diseases. Suitable for eating more ginger, green onions, peppers, pepper, cinnamon, mutton and other food to defend the cold wind evil intrusion; diet should not be salty, avoid cold food.


Big cold season, health care to prevent "cold" mainly. Anti-cold, rubbing cold; cold, cold hands, cold feet, cold water, hot feet, cold feet, cold feet