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The winter of solstice Update time: 2017-01-16 source:bolongbao click: 329

Winter solstice is also known as the "winter festival", "long to festival", "sub-year old", winter festival refers to the winter is the most important of a holiday, long to refer to that day, sundial (sun shadow) The longest, sub-year refers to the importance of this festival second only to the Chinese New Year.


Winter solstice: earthworm knot, elk angle solution, water springs move. Cathode to, yangshengsheng, day to south, the short day to date, the shadow of the long to, so called "winter solstice." It was the first day of the beginning of the number nine. Is the day of great fortune.

Qingyuan end, the vineyard is a lot of silence. Occasionally there are a few birds flying, falling on the wire. Since the beginning of the winter lonely, want some Smart things to adjust the picture, I want to shoot them several times into the painting, are attempted. And later gave up, one to fear to disturb them, and secondly the most beautiful camera is the eyes, can witness and is also interesting.