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The heavy snow Update time: 2017-01-16 source:bolongbao click: 339

Snow season, in addition to southern China and southern Yunnan winter, the vast land has been put on the winter dress, winter wheat has stopped growing. But during this period, farming activities still can not relax.


Right now, the most important work of the vineyard is still clear garden. In the summer, the string of grape branches is wrapped, and after the cut of the branches, it is necessary to deal with the grape rolls. On the one hand can be from the pathogen to reduce the breeding of pests and diseases, on the other hand we will send these ropes to the garbage collection station unified treatment, but also grape field a "clean", hard another season, winter can "take a good rest."


- early sleep late, cold, scarves do not leave.

- heavy snow make up, a year without cold. Winter is the easiest "pass" method is to eat radish. Such as lamb stewed white radish and other body supplement yang, warm five internal organs.

- 10 minutes a day wiping the waist blood, not sick.


As the saying goes, "snow made up, a year without cold." Snow after the cold weather, yang latent, chi strong, so not only to adhere to the winter kidney, care of the general principles of health, but also particularly "tonic" heat. Eat more high-calorie, high protein, high-fat foods to resist the cold, enhance the body's ability to cold.