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After the snow, the vast area of China's northwest began to become frequent passenger, the temperature dropped, gradually down to 0 ℃ below, but the land is not too cold, although began to snow, but the snow is not large, so called snow. At this time the chi decline, yang rise, and cause heaven and earth unreasonable, yin and yang do not pay, all things lost vitality, heaven and earth occlusion and into the winter. North of the Yellow River will appear early snow, to remind people that the warm and warm.



- Hidden but not seen

As the temperature decreases, the north of the snow as much, no rain, Yu Hong also see.

- Teng Teng drop down

Sky yang rise, underground chi down.

- occlusion into winter

Yin and yang does not pay, heaven and earth unreasonable. So heaven and earth closed and into the cold winter.

There are three layers of meaning, one is snow and snow, the next rain evenly, no drought and drought; the second is snow can freeze some bacteria and pests, next year to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases ; Third, the role of snow has a warm, conducive to the decomposition of organic matter in soil, enhance soil fertility. This year when the snow solar terms, the value of early winter snow, can be described as a good sign.

The work in the vineyard is basically over. From today, the last one to do the work of the Qingyuan, the shelves on the branches removed, transported to the winery's own fertilizer field, composting fermentation, the next year to do fertilizer use. But also the wind blowing the floating garbage to focus on the garbage collection station to the unified treatment. The work of the Qingyuan work indicates that the crop has come to an end.