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Lei began to close the sound of damp insects water began

Ushered in the second day of the year and so on

Thunder slowly subsided the bug began to hide in the cave

Sun and the moon in the long time

I can see that I am long in the shadow of their own

Really do not cover up all things

More than a thought and a doubt

Move the left and right hand to see the shadow

A little happy that this is me

this person?

Is what you originally wanted to look like?


Autumn is divided into mid-August. Autumn to nine days after the fall of half. Vernal equinox and autumnal equinox are divided equally day and night, but the spring yin in the east, overcast in the west. Autumn cents in the East, Yang is in the West, after the chi more and more prevail, Ray sound, Yan Fei go, the night longer and longer. After the vernal equinox, the spring is long and mighty. Autumn after the autumn, wasted gradually stagnant.

Lei began to sound - the ancients think that the mine is because the yang Sheng Sheng and sound, autumn after the chi began to flourish, so no longer thunder.

The word "billet" is the meaning of the fine soil, that is, because the weather is cold, stinging insects began to hide in the hole, and with fine soil to seal the mouth to prevent the cold intrusion.

The water began to shrink - and the amount of water began to decrease, and as the weather became dry and the water vapor evaporated quickly, the amount of water in the lake and the river became smaller and some swamps and puddles were in the dryness.