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Hongyan to the mysterious birds to birds fled

 Jian Jia pale white exposed for the cream

 The so-called Iraqi people in the water side

There is love is the heart of the home

Hongyan in February north of the fly in August

South fly the geese is to go home yet

Do you have any place where you want to go?

People will move forward because of pressure

Only because of love and stable down

Between heaven and earth every creature

There is a place where the inner stop

White dew is August. "The Book of Songs" in the famous "Jian Jia gray, white exposed for the cream. The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side", Jian Jia is the reed. Reed Cong dawn bright eyes desolate, clear exposed condensate snow Ying everywhere fragrance. Where is the Iraqi man? I think that every heart of the attribution, not among other glory, but should be in another soul.

Hongyan to: According to the ancients said, Hong big goose is different, two different. At this time the wild goose ready to fly south.

Mysterious birds go: Xuan bird is swallows, it is the North of the birds, the North for the return, safflower half of the goose go, autumn bleak, white to fly the mountain leaves fall.

Group of birds shame: this "shame" with "delicacy" is food. Cheating is the birds feel the chill of the gas, have to eat for the winter, such as possession of dishes.