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The tomb-sweeping day Update time: 2017-01-13 source:bolongbao click: 563

Ching Ming is one of China's twenty-four solar terms, the Qingming season, the weather is refreshing, the rain increased, it is the ancient Chinese farming society farming a good season. "When the age of 100 asked," he wrote: "Everything growth at this time, are clean and clean, so that the Ching Ming." Later, due to Ching Ming and cold food close to the day, and cold food is the days of civil fire grave, gradually , Cold food and Ching Ming combined into one, and cold food has become another name of Ching Ming, also became a custom of the Ching Ming Festival, Ching Ming day does not fire, eat only cool food.


A cold from Siberia swept through the whole of North China, low temperature so that just wake up the vines do not adapt, a few days before the boiling of the "blood" to restore calm, the northern spring drought, to speed up the evaporation of branches of water, And we, again and time to start racing, speed up the pace of spring irrigation.

April 5, 2015, cloudy to sunny, 9 ℃ / 17 ℃, the north wind 4-5 level

After the grapes on the shelves tied to the vine, to be buds before germination, began to spring irrigation, the water must be poured, but not too much to prevent the ground temperature drop too fast.

Rainfall in our country is very uneven, and irrigation is affected by rainfall. Therefore, only according to the grape of the phenological water demand for irrigation.

Germ water: grape sap began to flow, sprout to flowering before, about 30-40 days. Grape buds, buds and leaves, inflorescences continue to divide and grow, this time most of our region coincided with the spring drought season, need a lot of water. During this period should be filling 2-3 times the water, that is before and after germination, before and before flowering. Note that this period of irrigation can not be overtime, irrigation should not be too much, so as not to affect the temperature rise.

Beijing wine grapes generally in the bud before filling a water can be.