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Guyu is the sixth solar terms of solar energy, every year from April 19 to 21 as the sun reaches the yellow by 30 ° for the valley rain, from the ancients "Yusheng hundred Valley" said. But also sowing seedlings, melon beans the best time. "Qingming broken snow, Guyu broken cream", as the spring of a last solar terms, the arrival of the valley of solar energy means that the cold weather is basically over, the temperature picked up faster, greatly conducive to the growth of cereal crops.

April 22, 2015, sunny cloudy, 13 ℃ / 27 ℃, southerly 3-4

In order to improve the soil, to promote the results of grape growth, can be intercropping between the vineyard or between the intercropping of cash crops or green manure to short support, while they can make full use of land. Vineyard interplanting should choose plants with short stature, short growing season, good economic efficiency or nitrogen fixation ability, no requirement for soil nutrient moisture, plants with no common pests of grapes, such as dwarf beans, peanuts, potatoes, vegetables , Strawberries, etc., but also fertile grape seedlings. Not intercropping corn, sorghum, wheat, rape and other high-stem crops, so as not to affect the ventilation and light. Intercropping to retain a sufficient tree plate nutrient area, the general crop should be more than 1 meter away from the main, so as not to compete for excessive competition for water, affecting the growth of grapes.

Our vineyard spacing 3 meters, between the rows of interplanting peanut selection, the general choice in the annual valley before and after the planting of rain.

Spring is about to leave us, let us look at the beautiful spring of Chateau Bolongbao... ...