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The vernal equinox Update time: 2017-01-13 source:bolongbao click: 547

March 30, 2015, cloudy / cloudy, 8 ℃ / 22 ℃, no sustained wind ≤ 3 level

After the grapes unearthed, so that after the unearthed vines slowly adapt to the external environment, stretch bones, until it has been accustomed to this spring after the start of the shelves tied to the work.


Tied to make the branches on the surface evenly distributed, the main vine as much as possible by the original direction of growth tied to the shelf, to keep the distance between the branches roughly equal. Should avoid dendritic cross, overlap, crowded. The results of the parent bundle of the bundle to be given special attention, in addition to the distribution to be uniform, but also to avoid vertical tied to ease the growth of the polarity of branches. Generally can be 45 ° angle tied. Long and strong results of the parent can be biased to the level or arc, to promote the growth of the lower buds and the growth of the new shoots of the balance. Grape dendrites tied to pay attention to the leaves to leave room for growth, but also firmly attached to the shelf, usually using the "trotters button" tied, so that the branches are not directly close to the lead wire, there is room for thickening. On the shelves tied when the vine must pay attention not to hurt the winter buds and the results of parent.


The grape wounds occur during the flow of the sap (flow), ie from the beginning of the spring sap flow to the bud. At this point, the roots have begun to move, absorb moisture and inorganic salts, while the roots and perennial branches of organic nutrients into the state can be transported to the growth point. To the bud after the leaves gradually stop. If this period of time to trim or break the branches, it will be in the wound secretion of transparent wound fluid. The beginning of the flow of sap and the amount of sap flow depends on the type of grape and the soil temperature and humidity. General Eurasian grapes in the soil temperature reached 7-9 ℃ began to appear after the injury, while the European and American hybrids can start at lower temperatures. Soil temperature is high, the sap flow early, humidity, injury large; the other hand, the injury is small. Grape wounds are inevitable in a process, as long as not too serious will not affect the tree.

Once, a friend and I said that his favorite is the grape wounds, every time they see them "tears" will be very excited, because it also shows that it has begun a new cycle.