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Time shuttle, spring branches, full of new green, the wind gently blowing the flowers, the rain swaying the body moisturizing the earth, the spring sun bathed in a new life, the season alternately tell the world of cold, Of the railing, with the thoughts twist the time, in the spring ferry and so that a piece of pink and willow green, spring filled.

March 23, 2015 Clear 3 ℃ / 17 ℃ no continuous wind 3-4

In northern China, buried grapes, spring temperatures after picking up, began to prepare for unearthed. (Such as willow, peach, almond, spring, magnolia, forsythia, elm, etc.) as a reference, usually in the soil after thawing, the average ground temperature to meet the ground, temperature, weather forecast as a guide, combined with the surrounding plants 10 ℃ above, generally to mountain apricot as a reference, the best way is to observe the vineyard around a variety of plant phenology, to avoid a certain year of a plant phenological disorders, resulting in wrong judgments, unearthed prematurely, Pre-growth unfavorable, especially in the cold weather in spring, arid windy areas and years, should be slightly later unearthed is appropriate, but must be unearthed before the sprout to prevent injury buds. When unearthed, need to consider the park's artificial ability, for the next shelves, complex cutting, spring irrigation and other work to set aside sufficient time, choose the best time to unearthed, grape germination to provide a best condition!


In the detailed data monitoring, observation of the surrounding plants, compared to historical data and other work, decided to start unearthed today

Every job in the winery is inseparable from the joint efforts of everyone!


Chateau Bolongbao, located in the beautiful scenery, beautiful environment, fresh air in Beijing Fangshan District Bashimudi village fog Mount at the foot of the mountain, east Dashihe, grape cultivation base covers an area of 70 hectares, the design of annual production of wine production 250 Ton. By the Sino-French joint venture to build, was established in 1999. Built Chinese organic, the European Union organic, the United States organic certification of the winery.

December 2010 National Standardization Management Committee The seventh batch of the national agricultural standardization demonstration area (wine grape cultivation standardization demonstration area)

2012 【2011 Chateau Bolongbao Dry White Wine】 won the RVF China Excellent Wine 2012 Grand Prix White Wine Series Silver;

2012 【2010 Chateau Bolongbao Treasure Dry Red Wine】 【2011 Chateau Bolongbao Chardonnay Dry White Wine】 won the French University of Burgundy wine school teaching wine. (One of the five French National winemakers DNO master's degree)

2013 【2010 Chateau Bolongbao Chardonnay Dry White Wine】 won the RVF China Excellent Wine 2013 Award White Wine and Peach Wine Series Bronze Award;

2013 【2010 Chateau Bolongbao Dry Red Wine】 won the 2013 Decanter Asian Wine Contest Silver Award;

2014 【2010 Chateau Bolongbao Dry Red Wine】won the 2014 China Wine Development Summit three international top masters recommended wine

2015【2012Chateau Bolongbao Dry White Wine】 selected "2015-2016 period Bettane-Dessauve wine Yearbook Chinese version"