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Rain is the second solar terms in 24 solar terms. Rainwater from the beginning of February 18 or 19, to March 4 or 5 end. At this point, the temperature picked up, snow and ice melting, precipitation increased, so named for the rain.

In ancient China, the rain will be divided into three times: "the otter of the fish; the second waiting to the wild goose; three winds and sprouting." This solar terms, otters began to fish, the fish on the shore as the first sacrifice after eating Five days later, the geese began to fly back from the south to the north; another five days, in the "Run things fine silent" in the spring rain, vegetation in the air on the Teng and began to take out buds. Since then, the earth gradually began to show a thriving scene.


Pastoral scene | preparation work

Rainwater not only indicates the beginning of the rain and the increase in rainfall, but also indicates that the temperature rises. After the rain, people obviously feel the spring back to the earth, spring bloom. Most of the country when the cold and snow has passed, the rain began to gradually increase the rainfall, is conducive to greening crops or greening.

After the Spring Festival, grape farmers have also returned to the winery, began a new year of work. This time the soil has not recovered, the vines enjoy the last sleep. Grape farmers are now taking care of the various corners of the park, repair a drip irrigation system, replace the old cement rods and wire ... ... in order to meet the vines are now doing bit by bit ready to work!