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The beginning of winter Update time: 2016-12-29 source:bolongbao click: 327


Winter really want to come, everything can not stop. Four seasons of the city, most of the winter is cold stiff. Leaves withered, flowers wilt yellow fall, the old insect song birds are also rushed out of the cold arrogantly. Occasionally through the office window, see one or two lawn play on the beaten birds feel very fortunate. There are times to let Boao shoot wine outdoor video, the office of the sister said that the lawn has been yellow, grape leaves are withered, where do you go to shoot it? Suddenly a little panic, caught by surprise.

Winter is always to come, it once again joined the infinite years into the team, accompanied by us to go to the unknown. The cold is calm and we are looking at the night.

Winter is cold, withered, vitality latent closed season, the body's yang will be with the transformation of nature and hidden in the inside. Therefore, the winter health to follow the laws of the natural closed, to take yin yang as a fundamental. So early to sleep late, sunrise and made to ensure adequate sleep, conducive to yang latent, Yin Jing accumulation.


In our country there are vertical winter winter custom, every day, people want to tonic in different ways, that is so to the cold winter can resist the cold invasion, improve the immune function, but also for the next year's physical health basis. Cold weather in the north, should fill the taste of the big warm, such as cattle, sheep, dog meat and so on.

Do not wear too much too thin too thick too thick, it is because too little too thin clothing, room temperature is too low that is easy to cause a cold, consumption of yang, and too much clothing too thick, too high temperature is easy to make Vent, yang not hidden, cold evil easy to invade.

After the winter cut, we want to hibernation of the vines for a thorough sterilization, the use of stone sulfur mixture, the concentration of 5Be. The whole garden covered spraying, as much as possible to remove the winter can pest, for the healthy growth of grapes next year to provide the most comfortable environment.