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Spring is not only the first solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms, but also an important festival. Since the Qin Dynasty, China has been to spring as the beginning of spring. Spring is divided from the astronomical, and in nature, in the minds of people, the spring is warm, flowers; spring is growing, cultivated. In the climatology, the spring is the waiting period (5 days for a time) the average temperature of 10 ℃ to 22 ℃ period.

Spring this day, "Yang and from the sting, the goods are spring", after the beginning of spring, all things revive vitality, since the beginning of the year. There is such a legend in ancient times: when the spring comes, the magistrate will take the local celebrities to dig a pit in the land, and then the feathers, feathers and other light material on the pit, wait until a certain hour, the pit Feathers and feathers will float from the pit, this moment is the beginning of spring time, began to firecrackers to celebrate, I wish the weather again and again, grain bumper harvest.

In the beginning of the spring, the temperature, sunshine, rainfall, began to rise, increase in the beginning of the spring. But it is only a prelude to spring for most parts of the country.

Spring is a point in time, it can be a time period. Ancient China will be the beginning of the fifteen days of the spring is divided into three waiting: "When the east wind thawed, the second sting insects vibration, three Hou Yuzhi ice", that is, Dongfeng warm, the earth began to thaw. After the spring of five days, the dormant insects slowly wake up in the hole, and then five days, the river began to melt the ice, the fish began to move to the water, there is no water on the surface of the broken crumbelles, as is The fish are usually floating on the water.